Benable: Make Money Creating Lists of Your Favorite Things

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Benable website screenshot

This post contains affiliate links. We may receive a commission at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase through our affiliate links. Read the full disclosure here.

If you’re interested in affiliate marketing, you need to check out Benable! It’s the easiest form of affiliate marketing I’ve come across so far.

This innovative platform takes all the hassle out of affiliate links, making it super fun and easy to compile and share your recommendations while earning commissions.

Benable’s invite-only atm, so if you want to skip ahead and join straight away, please feel free to use my invite link over at: The code is MAF7D

How to Use Benable

Benable is very intuitive to use. You go to the ‘Discover’ menu item and you can see Trending lists. You can also select from other categories including Fashion, Food, Books, Hobbies, and Tech. 

Screenshot of the Discover Menu on Benable
Screenshot of the Discover Menu on Benable

I quite like the Discovery approach, as it feels more random and exciting! You don’t quite know what lists are going to pop up. 

You can also search for a user if you know they’re on the platform. 

I emailed them to ask if you’ll be able to search for lists by keywords in the future. I was told that this feature was coming soon. 

What Makes Benable Great for Affiliate Marketing?

Instant access to 35,000+ affiliate programs 

Benable has partnered with over 35,000 merchants that pay affiliate commissions. So when you join Benable, you’re automatically approved for all of these affiliate programs — no need to apply individually. This saves you tons of time and makes it possible to earn money from day one.

(except for Amazon where you’ll need to add your Amazon Associates ID to your Benable Cashback Settings page. Or if you don’t have an Amazon Associates ID yet, you can apply for one in under 2 minutes and get automatic approval)

Who are the Brand Partners/merchants?

There are 38,071 brand partners listed at the time of writing this article. These include Amazon, Sephora, Etsy, Wayfair, Lululemon, TripAdvisor, Target, Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, Walgreens, and PetSmart.  

You can filter Brand Partners by category and country. 

Affiliate commissions usually range from between 2% and 15% depending on the brand.  

100% commission payouts

Benable doesn’t take a cut of your earnings. You keep 100% of the affiliate commissions you generate.

Affiliate commission tracking 

You can see all the affiliate commissions earned from Brand Partners in the Cashback tab on your dashboard. You can request a payout once you’ve made over $80 in affiliate commissions. 

Recommend anything, not just products 

While many affiliate platforms focus solely on product recommendations, Benable allows you to recommend products, places, services, activities, recipes, articles — you name it. 

You can and should even add interesting recommendations that don’t have an affiliate program. 

This flexibility makes it easy to create diverse, interesting recommendation lists your audience will love.

When you add a recommendation to Benable, it automatically adds the affiliate link for you. No more wasting time searching for products in different affiliate networks and creating specialized links. Benable does that grunt work for you.

Share anywhere 

Benable makes it simple to share your recommendations. Just copy the link to your Benable profile or one of your lists, and paste it wherever you like — your site/blog, Linktree, social bios etc.

Drive traffic & sales 

Because your recommendations are compiled into attractive, shareable lists, it’s easy to drive traffic. And more traffic means more potential for generating sales and earning commissions!

How Does Benable Work?

Benable’s interface makes affiliate marketing simple. Just follow these three steps:

Step 1: 

Create a Benable profile and set up a recommendation list covering a topic of your choice. 

For example, my profile is and I’ve created 6 lists so far including “Great Gifts for the Wordle Game Lover”, “My Blogging Tech Stack” and “Best AI Writing Tools”. 

Screenshot of author’s recommended lists on Benable so far
Screenshot of author’s recommended lists on Benable so far

I’ve also been awarded 3 List Optimized badges so far — for my Wordle Gifts, Kawaii Desk Accessories and Snoopy and Peanut Gifts lists. 

This means “the Benable algorithm thinks your list is really high quality and optimized to be discovered by others. Benable will rank it higher, send more traffic to it, and index it on Google!”

Step 2: 

Add items to your list by pasting in a link or keywords. Benable will automatically pull in images, descriptions, reviews etc.

Step 3: 

Confirm or edit each recommendation’s details. Feel free to upload your own photos, include notes for your audience, add your own affiliate links — whatever you like!

That’s it! Benable compiles your recommendations into a visually appealing list ready to share with your audience. You can add new recommendations or make edits at any time.

Ready to Effortlessly Monetize Your Recommendations?

If you’re looking to make some extra money from affiliate marketing without a bunch of extra hassle, Benable delivers. With instant approval for 35K+ affiliate programs, 100% commission rates, and seamless recommendation curation, it’s never been simpler to earn from sharing the things you love.

I joined Benable 3 weeks ago and received 3 List Optimized Badges soon after I started creating my lists. My Amazon affiliate clicks jumped from a few clicks a day to 96 and 141 clicks on two of the days I received a List Optimized Badge, and I received 5 new orders on Amazon. (I don’t think this was a coincidence). 

So check out Benable and start converting your product and service recommendations into passive affiliate income!

More Benable Info

Benable was founded by Anthony Staehelin and is a registered Public Benefit Corporation “which means our mission is core to everything we do, and we are committed to driving a positive social impact”.

Benable FAQs
Benable’s YouTube channel
Benable on TikTok
Benable Chrome Extension

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