From Chill to Thrill: 110+ Exercise and Sport Activities for All Levels of Fitness Enthusiasts

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Hope everyone had a lovely holiday break! The new year is a great time to plan our health and fitness goals for the year ahead.

But before you commit to the same old tired regime of running on the treadmill or cranking out reps with free weights, consider changing up your routine with some cool new activities to help you get and stay motivated to move and get healthy.

I’ve compiled a list of 110+ unique and fun forms of fitness and activities to try this year. Some of these activities may just be the thing you need to stay on the fitness course.

Disclaimer: I’m not a medical or fitness professional and this doesn’t constitute medical or health advice in any way. Please consult your health professional before taking on an activity you’re not sure of considering your health and fitness level.

  1. Ice baths — A therapeutic practice involving immersion in cold water to reduce inflammation and promote muscle recovery. Andrew Huberman talks about the benefits of cold exposure and Tim Ferriss talks about the benefits of ice baths using the Cold Pod.
  2. Trapeze acrobatics — Building immense strength to perform flips and tricks on the high bar conquers fears, engages core and integrates body awareness.
  3. Rock climbing — Scaling sheer rock faces and artificial climbing walls using specialized equipment to build immense grip strength, problem-solving skills and courage.
  4. Bouldering — Climbing to moderate heights without ropes pushing dynamic movement, forearm strength, flexibility and fear conquering.
  5. Axe throwing — Hurling axes at distant targets requiring focused breath control and hand-eye coordination.
  6. Parkour — Dynamic and acrobatic discipline focused on efficient movement through urban environments, using agility and creativity to overcome obstacles.
  7. Obstacle course races — Timed competition races navigating challenging obstacles testing overall fitness and grit.
  8. Acro yoga — Blend of acrobatics and yoga done with a partner for endurance, joint mobilization, trust and coordination.
  9. Jump rope training — Cardiovascular workout involving repeatedly jumping over a swinging rope to improve agility, coordination, foot speed, and stamina.
  10. Pole dancing — Executing dance choreography involving climbs, spins, transitions and inversions against a vertical pole requiring immense muscle endurance, coordination and artistry.
  11. Sliding (gliding discs) — Performing multi-planar slides atop discs engages stabilizer muscles and tests balance.
  12. Slacklining — Practicing tricks and poses on a suspended nylon rope to seriously improve balance, core strength, and muscle control.
  13. Plogging — Jogging while picking up litter for an environmentally-friendly cardio workout.
  14. Paddleboarding — Standing atop a long board and using a paddle to steer across water for a full-body workout emphasizing core engaged balance.
  15. Pickleball — Fast-paced racket sport blending tennis, badminton and ping pong played with paddles and plastic ball on a small court.
  16. Battle ropes — Whipping heavy ropes builds explosive power, endurance, and full-body strength.
  17. Ropes courses — Swinging from ropes, balancing on wires, and navigating obstacles develops courage and whole-body coordination.
  18. Bike polo — Fast-paced competitive cycling game played on a hard court surface with specialized mallets and ball.
  19. Scooter racing — Zipping around indoor tracks at high speeds on trick scooters tests agility, balance and competitive drive.
  20. Hydro biking — Cycling on a stationary or floating bike in a pool offers intense low-impact cardio.
  21. Infrared sauna therapy — Healing wavelength rays penetrate skin to detoxify tissues, reduce inflammation and ease muscle soreness.
  22. Cryotherapy — Brief extreme cold exposure shocks the body, activating healing, weight loss and mood boosting effects.
  23. Float therapy — Floating in sensory deprivation pods containing skin-temperature saltwater aids stress relief and mental clarity.
  24. Goat yoga — Performing yoga surrounded by friendly goats provides amusement and furry cuddles to brighten the practice.
  25. Puppy Yoga — Doing yoga with cute dogs running around promotes relaxation, playfulness and an intuitive human-canine bond.
  26. SlamBall — High intensity full-body cardio crosses basketball, volleyball and gymnastics with emphasis on explosive power.
  27. Speedminton — High-velocity racket sport blending badminton, squash and tennis for fast-paced competitive games.
  28. Foot golf — Kicking a soccer ball into oversized holes on a golf course tests ball control skills.
  29. Disc golf — Tossing flying discs into basket targets spread across park terrain builds upper body power and aim.
  30. Soft tennis — Low-impact racket sport played on a small court with squishy balls allowing longer rallies.
  31. Urban poling — Using poles to engage upper body while walking or running for full-body cardio workout.
  32. Slamball — High-intensity cardio sport that combines basketball, volleyball and gymnastics with trampolines to enhance power and agility.
  33. Bowling — Rolling balls down lanes to knock over pins improves motor coordination skills and engages friendly competition.
  34. Quidditch — Fast-paced competitive sport from Harry Potter inspires running, throwing, and strategy played with broomsticks.
  35. Hand walking — Weight-supported upside-down walking strengthens shoulders, arms, and upper back while testing body control.
  36. Hoop dance fitness — Blending dance artistry with hula hoops to creatively challenge rhythm, coordination, balance and control.
  37. Ice obstacle courses — Navigating challenging frozen obstacles requires grip, balance, endurance, and mental toughness.
  38. Log rolling — Balancing atop a rolling log on water demands intensely engaged proprioception, balance, and core strength.
  39. Balance board workouts — Standing atop an unstable rocking platform for dynamic resistance training bolsters balance and coordination.
  40. Slalom skiing — Swiftly maneuvering between poles down a slope at speed challenges strength, edge control, and agility.
  41. Cross-country skiing — Gliding across snowy backcountry terrain is an intensely aerobic full-body workout.
  42. Curling — Strategically sliding granite stones across ice to reach a target zone requires focus, precision and sweeping.
  43. Broomball — Playing hockey without skates while wearing sneakers on ice is an ultra fast-paced cardio workout.
  44. Snowshoeing — Trekking across snow on special wide shoes for a hiking cardio workout.
  45. Ice skating — Gliding across ice builds lower body strength, balance and graceful coordination.
  46. Ice hockey — Fast team sport played on ice requires skating skill, endurance, strength and strategy.
  47. Aerial yoga — Performing yoga while suspended in silk hammocks to build core and upper body strength, flexibility and balance.
  48. Acro yoga — Partner yoga that blends acrobatics and yoga involving lifts, balancing, and joint mobilization for all-over toning.
  49. Antigravity yoga — Inverting the body using hammocks and harnesses to decompress the spine, build core strength and enhance flexibility.
  50. Slackline balance training — Carefully walking across tight nylon rope a few feet about ground to improve focus, precision balance and engage stabilizers.
  51. Mermaiding with mermaid fins — Swimming with aquatic tail for fun, unique cardio and lower body toning challenge.
  52. Kangoo jumps rebound boots — Wearing boots with springs for low-impact, high-intensity cardio that is joint friendly.
  53. Barre workouts — Blending Pilates, yoga, and ballet using the barre for resistance to sculpt a strong and lean physique.
  54. Flamenco dancing — A passionate, rhythmic Spanish dance style combining rapid footwork and dramatic body expressions to build leg and core strength while unleashing fiery energy.
  55. Salsa dancing for fitness — Fast paced partner dances provide fluid latin motion, coordination and awareness without realizing you’re working out.
  56. Belly dancing — Isolating the hips and torso in sultry percussive movements builds fluidity, isolates specific muscle groups and boosts body confidence.
  57. Sensory deprivation float tanks — Floating in saltwater pods calms the nervous system, relieves sore muscles and reduces stress.
  58. Hydrospin cycling in water — High intensity cycling without impact done immersed in the water for cross training benefits.
  59. Rhythmic gymnastics routines like ribbon dancing — Twirling ribbons in artistic choreographed floor routines develops coordination, flexibility, strength and poise.
  60. Flywheel spin class competitions — Stadium cycling amps motivation with torque board metrics, sprints, climbs and weighted resistance for intense calorie burn.
  61. Vegas-style showgirl dance fitness — Channel a showgirl with sassy choreographed high kicks, shimmies, leaps and turns for confidence and cardio.
  62. Bollywood dance-inspired workouts — High-energy routines blending traditional Indian folk moves with modern music for happy cardio.
  63. Burlesque sultry dance routines — Learn the signature shimmies, bumps, grinds and teases of burlesque to unveil self-confidence and fluid femininity.
  64. Surfset surfboard balance training — Standing atop an unstable surfboard deck effectively engages stabilizer muscles through dynamic motion.
  65. Gyrotonic movement sequences — Flowing spiraling mobility patterns on special equipment gently mobilize joints and lengthen muscles for injury recovery.
  66. Cyr wheel workouts — Acrobatics and core moves on a giant spinning hoop.
  67. Aqua Zumba — High-energy Latin dance cardio in the water.
  68. Nia dance inspired fitness — Sensory-based barefoot cardio dance blending martial, healing and dance arts.
  69. Bosu balance training — Engaging stabilizers standing on an unstable rubber half-dome platform.
  70. PiYo flexibility and core workouts — Yoga and Pilates hybrid emphasizing strength in flexibility.
  71. Bokwa cardio dance boxing — Dance steps choreographed to music while making letter shapes with your body.
  72. Kickboxing — High pulsed cardio workouts combining martial arts kicks, punches and blocks.
  73. Aqua boxing water kickboxing — High energy punching and kicking combos without impact submerged in water.
  74. Pound Rockout weighted drumstick workouts — Drumming rhythmically along to songs using lightly weighted drumsticks.
  75. Hip-hop dance for fitness — Choreography and freestyle dance to hip hop and pop music.
  76. Rollerskating — Moving on wheeled skates over a smooth surface as a fitness activity or recreational sport.
  77. Rollerblading — Skating on inline skates for intense non-impact cardio promoting balance and coordination.
  78. Twerking dance fitness — Isolating and popping lower body muscles to build a toned booty.
  79. Ballroom dance-inspired workouts — Various smooth and rhythmic partner dances for individual cardio challenges.
  80. Dance Trance high energy dance step classes — Nonstop simple repeat step combos to heart pumping beats.
  81. Jazzercise dance mix aerobics — High energy choreographed routines blending jazz, resistance training, and yoga.
  82. Cabaret Jazz sassy choreography dance classes — Sultry yet athletic dance routines to pop music in heels.
  83. Hot yoga —Challenging yoga practice performed in a heated room, promoting flexibility, detoxification, and mindfulness through intense, sweat-inducing poses.
  84. Power yoga — Fast-paced, fitness-based vinyasa style of yoga that builds strength and flexibility by synchronizing breath with a series of flowing postures.
  85. Restorative yoga — Gentle, meditative style of yoga using props to support the body in passive poses designed to induce deep relaxation and healing.
  86. Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) — Gliding across water standing atop a board using a long paddle.
  87. Kayaking — Paddling a small narrow watercraft as an upper body cardio challenge.
  88. Beach volleyball — Playing competitive 2 on 2 volleyball on sand requires power, agility and strategy.
  89. Hiking — Walking outdoors along trails or paths in natural environments for exercise, enjoyment of nature, and exploration.
  90. Trail running — Distance running on nature paths away from roads.
  91. CrossFit — Strength and conditioning program consisting mainly of functional movements performed at high intensity that combines weightlifting, gymnastics, running, rowing, and more.
  92. Calisthenics/bodyweight training — Using no equipment just your bodyweight for resistance training.
  93. Yoga sculpting — Blending strength training with yoga flows for a metabolic boost.
  94. Mat Pilates — Precise sequences done on the floor to build core strength and lengthen muscles.
  95. Zumba — High energy choreographed Latin-inspired dance fitness party.
  96. Boxing — Technical punching skill and combos for fighter inspired training.
  97. Cycling/spinning classes — Group stationary bike training led by energetic motivational instructors.
  98. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)– Short, explosive all-out bursts followed by brief rest periods spiking cardio intensity.
  99. Strength training — Using resistance via bodyweight, free weights, machines, or bands to build muscle and bone density.
  100. TRX suspension training — Leveraged bodyweight exercises using straps hanging from an anchor point.
  101. Tennis — Fast-paced racket sport requiring strategy, quick reflexes and tactical skill.
  102. Rowing machine workouts — Low-impact but high exertion full-body cardio.
  103. Elliptical machine intervals — High-intensity pushing and pulling motion without joint impact.
  104. Stair climbing — Steadily climbing stairs or using a machine to boost cardio fitness and lower body endurance.
  105. Jogging/running — Rhythmic cardiovascular exercise progressed from walking to sprinting.
  106. Walking — Low to moderate steady-state cardio activity.
  107. Swimming — Full body cardio without impact using different strokes to build endurance.
  108. Water aerobics — Pool workout led by instructor involving cardio, strength, and flexibility.
  109. Aqua Zumba — High-energy Latin dance-inspired moves performed in chest deep water.
  110. Aqua jogging — Jogging in deep water aided by a flotation belt for intense non-impact cardio.
  111. Surfing — Riding and maneuvering across ocean waves uses balance, core strength and mental focus.
  112. Skiing — Gliding on snow using poles and proper edging technique works entire body.
  113. Snowboarding — Gliding sideways down mountains using proper weight distribution and edge control.
  114. Gymnastics — Performing feats of strength, flexibility, balance and tumbling that master complete body control.
  115. Tae bo — High-energy kickboxing workout routines blending self-defense and traditional karate chops and punches.
  116. Step aerobics — Stepping up and down a platform in choreographed patterns to elevate heart rate.
  117. Urban rebounding (trampolines) — Low-impact cardio bouncing dynamically engages all muscles without stressing joints.
  118. Indoor skydiving for air resistance training — Simulated free fall builds core as high speed air suspends you.

Make 2024 the year to take action and get fit and healthy! No matter what inspires you to get active, there’s bound to be an energizing new activity that feels fresh and exhilarating.

Don’t let monotonous fitness routines kill your motivation this year. Instead, commit to trying at least a handful of these unique activities in a location near you, and make some new friends in the process. 

Not only will it keep exercise exciting, but it may just give you that extra push when your resolution starts to lag. Because as fun as pickleball, ice baths, and beach volleyball sound now, just imagine how awesome they’ll feel once you experience them!

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