February 2024

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+ How To Brainwash Yourself to Make Millions (8 Minute Training). By Sabri Suby on YouTube. Great pep talk video! Great video to keep going back to whenever you need a reminder to stay the course.

+ How to Overcome the Fear of Starting by Kaylene Langford on Substack

+ ‘My life will be short. So on the days I can, I really live’: 30 dying people explain what really matters. By Philippa Kelly, The Guardian.

+ If you want to Learn How to Create and Monetize a Blog then check out my list of resources on Benable.
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+ Want some Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas? Then check out my list on Benable.

+ Steph Smith is about to launch Internet Pipes. “Opportunity is everywhere. Get the tools and knowledge to see it better than anyone else.” I just bought it today. Can’t wait to go through the material!